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* workshops & seminars ARE OPEN to non-members & non-competitors

Goal Map

Goal Map, a self compassion excavation into discovering your goals and dreams within yourself.


Do you have a life dream, or a goal that has yet to be achieved?


Do you have a part of you that you wish to bring forth into it's full potential?


Are you struggling to make a change that you have wanted to make for some time?


Are feeling a little stuck and need help with motivation to make that change?


"Without dreams and goals there is no living, only merely existing, and that is not why we are here"

- Mark Twain

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Competing  101

Thought about competing? Not sure where to start? This workshop is designed to answer all your questions. Content covers, training, food, coaching, suit, preparation for a body building show an tips and tricks to help you feel confident to start your goal. 

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Women's Wellness Group

Our groups are set up as pyscho - educational  groups focused on stress management, mindfulness and coping skills using cognitive behavioural therapy techniques. Workshop will focus on physical and mental recovery realted to competing or preparing to compete.  Groups are facilitated  by

Registered Psychotherapists(RP.)Chiropractors (D.C) Message Therapists(RMT).


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Posing For Competition

Stage presence is key to highlighting your unique physique. 

We are holding a workshop on January 20th 10:30am atour host gym in Ottawa -Power Muscle Fitness. 

Fee is 25$

Register below to hold you spot .


Meal Prep  101

Are you eating the right kind of food? Are you under eating? How do you calculate your macros? What even is a macros?

Feb 25 2023 


462 Hazeldean Road 

Focus Forward Therapy Group

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